Infinite Voip offers a variety of features that can be uniquely tailored to fit each customer's needs.

extension dialing

Extension Dialing

Two to Six digit dialing to reach other users within company (including between multiple locations).

call hold

Call Hold

Place a caller on hold. This is usually accompanied by hold music or on hold message.

music on hold

Music On Hold

Allow callers to listen to music or recorded message while on hold.

ring group

Ring Groups

Calls ring multiple phones until one of them is answered.



Create personal or shared mailboxes for callers to leave messages.

call forward

Call Fowarding

Re-direct calls to another extension or outside number.

3 way calling

Three-Way Calling

Allow three people to talk simultaneously.

day/night settings

Day / Night Settings

Control the callflow behavior based on seleceted times of the day.

call waiting

Call Waiting

A notification of an incoming call while the line is already in use. The current call may be put on hold to answer new incoming call.



Allow two or more people to talk in a private channel.


IVR (Digital Receptionist / Auto-Attendant)

Automated message that determines call routing based on caller input.


Contact Directory

Create and store a list of contacts to easily find and dial their number.


Distinctive Ringtone

Designate specific ringtones for contacts listed in the directory.

hunt group

Find Me / Follow Me (Hunt Group)

Phones ring in defined order. If the first phone does not answer, the call is routed to the next phone in the callflow.

call park

Call Park

Place a call on hold so that it may be retrieved from any location.


Call Transfer

Relocate an existing call to a specified number or extension.

do not disturb

Do Not Disturb

Sets the phone in a "quiet" state. Incoming calls ring to the next tier such as voicemail.