What is VoIP?
It's high-quality, cost-effective, reliable telephony service.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) merges telephony service with internet service. Both voice and data run over a single high-speed internet line. The phones connect to secure VoIP servers using a standard network connection and digitally transmit voice packets as data over the interent. Infinite VoIP's Hosted VoIP Solution provides optimized voice service on a fully scalable and customizable platform without the burden and cost of maintaining a traditional in-house phone system.


Multi-Office Integration

Bring unity to your business and integrate each office location under one phone system. The necessity for expensive and cumbersome PBX systems in each location is no longer needed. Callers can dial a single telephone number to reach a centralized receptionist. From here they can be connected to any employee within the organization by transferring to their extension.

Centralized Management

Our hosted platform offers a web-based management portal that is accessible from any device with an internet connection. Log in to easily navigate and customize options such as callflows, media, and devices in a private business account. Users have the ability to log in and listen to voicemails and define settings for their personal devices.

Remote Location

Extensions are no longer assigned to dedicated phone lines, so anywhere you go, your extension will go as well. Employees can receive and make calls from home and forward calls to a mobile device while traveling.There is no need to give out multiple contact numbers anymore. One number can ring multiple devices. We also provide a way for mobile users to dial in to their phone system and give the appearance they are calling from the office.


Overcome the complications and expenses that come with business expansion. With a Hosted Voice solution, accounts are easily scaled to fit the needs of a growing business. Adding new employees requires only a network connection which makes the addition of extensions simple and hassle-free..

Premium Options

High Definition audio allows for a more realistic call experience. Phones offer background noise cancellation to minimize unwanted sounds and voices from entering the call. Multi-line phones allow users to have unique lines or features registered to each key. Examples can include user extensions, phone presence, and direct lines to other phones. Frame of reference soft keys allow a dynamic menu depending on the phone state: idle, dial tone, proceeding (making the call), active (in-call), alerting (receiving a call), and on hold.


Combining voice and data over a single connection establishes an all purpose network that operates at its full potential. The switch to VoIP creates a cleaner office topology and frees businesses from unecessary phone wires and chaotic, disorganized phone rooms.

Business Continuity

The operational benefits of VoIP exceed any other type of telephony service. Whether a business is relocating, adding new locations, or faced with an unfortunate situation like distaster strike, getting back to business-as-usual is made simpler with the addition of VoIP. Because all of the PBX hardware is hosted remotely, by Infinite Voip, all that is needed to get up and running is a phone and an active internet connection. During the process of moving, have calls ring through to cell phones, home phones, or directly to voicemail where users can retrieve messages at their convenience.

Cost Savings

With the switch to Infinite Voip's Hosted VoIP Solution a dramatic reduction in telephone service cost will be seen from the very first bill. Spend less with inexpensive phone lines and the elimination of long-distance charges, and gain more in rich features. Our cloud-based solution provides additional savings by eliminating the cost of installing and maintaining in-house PBX systems.

  Additional Solutions  

Fax to Email

This service sends faxes directly to an email account, allowing you to receive faxes on-the-go from a mobile device or remote location. Go paperless and eliminate the cost and necessity of cumbersome fax machines and supplies.